Tales From A Hungry Life

Tales From a Hungry Life: A Memoir with Recipes

Tales From A Hungry Life A Memoir with Recipes cover

My book is now available! After many years of writing, re-writing, and then re-writing again, Tales From a Hungry Life: A Memoir with Recipes is available on amazon.com in a Print Edition and in a Kindle Edition.

The Print Edition has an 8-page photo insert and the Family Tree my early readers asked for so they could keep track of my gigantic immediate family. Of course, both editions include the funny stories as well as the family recipes.

Don’t have a Kindle? Not to worry: you can go to the page and download a FREE Kindle app for your Mac or PC. The FREE kindle app is also available at the ITunes store and in the Google Apps store for Android users. You can download it on your phone or on your tablet.

Thanks to everyone who purchases a copy. I hope you enjoy it!

Now I’m off to write the next book.

Best, Maria


  1. Hi! I hope you get to see this! I came across you and your book etc by accident today! Happy accident I might add! I would like to ask you why and how a still shot of James Garner and Sally Fields from the movie Murphy’s Romance appears on the Google response believe it or not to the question of: show me pictures of Kermit and Miss Piggy celebrating Valentine’s Day etc! I’m not kidding! Now Murphy’s Romance is one of my favorite movies and I immediately recognized what the photo was from and the credit is to your book on wordpress.com etcetera or maybe it’s just your blog? I really like to know where I can locate that item… Was it on A blog you wrote or is it in your book somewhere? I will be looking into buying your book and recommending it. But I’m so anxious to know what the connection is to this movie? Thank you so much. I’ve already shared some items from your blog and I look forward to hearing from you. I signed up for your blog as well. And happy valentines day to you and your family if you receive this in time!

    Comment by sherry K — February 14, 2016 @ 2:03 am | Reply

    • Hi Sherri! I don’t know why a search for Kermit and Miss Piggy brought you to my site, but I’m glad to have you here. I’ve written several blog posts about James Garner and I’ve included references to Murphy’s Romance in Valentine’s Day posts too where I’ve talked about my favorite romantic movies. My blog and book share the same name, as you can see. My blog posts are about food, family, and fun, and my book is a memoir. Thanks for stopping by.

      Comment by talesfromahungrylife — February 14, 2016 @ 9:31 am | Reply

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